Welcome to WHF

The mouthpiece of a brass musican forms the connection between the instrument and the musican. It’s in many ways the most important tool of a passionate brass musican, professional or simply in it for the pure enjoyment. 

For more than 20 years WHF provides musicans with mouthpieces tailored specifically to them. With our wide range of different mouthpieces models and screw systems all kinds of combinations are possible. Our mouthpieces can be fitted to you personally with high attention to details like response and air flow. There are some problems where even practice won’t get you to your intended goal improved. In those cases it is advisable to take a good look at your mouthpiece and consider tweeking your requirements!

Visit us at our locaticons or at one of our live events to experience our professional mouthpiece fitments first hand!

Please note that we are currently undergoing major b´rand and website restructurations. This also affects our social media and communication channels, therefore late replies may occur. We are working on setting up our website fully as fast as possible, though longer waiting times could occur due to the reorganization of our company infrastructure.

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